As you'll see below, we do far more than print advertising, photography and illustration.

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Box Labels/Instruction Manuals
Many of our Model Aviation™ advertisers have come to us for creation of box labels and instruction manuals. Although shrunk significantly for view in your web browser, this should give you a taste of the eye-catching, professional look we've been able to provide.

Just because we specialize in aviation related advertising projects, many of our clients cover from a wide range of interests. Here are just a few of the many unique projects we've created.

We worked with Dave Brown Products on an add-on package for their RCFS2001 simulator. We're very proud to have supplied 2 of the 10 models.
The first is our Ultimate. This is an exact model of Dave Patrick Model's Ultimate ARF. As a matter of fact, the Ultimate will have the same color scheme as the actual model built and flown by our own Mark Lanterman.
The second model is the Pitts S2B. We created this sometime back for use on our Model Aviation media kit folders. With a bit of time and effort, we were able to convert this for use in the add-on package.

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